Gin & Tonic & Passing Trains

Gin & Tonic & Passing Trains

A visual, classic tale of one man who has too much time on his hands and the question of how to fill it.

Influenced by Charles Dickens' classic ghost story ‘The Signalman’ and performed against an original musical score, this visual retelling of the Dickens classic will leave you in no doubt that Gin and Trains do not make the perfect tonic!

Voted as one of the critic’s Picks of the Year 2007 - The Flying Inkpot (Singapore) 

Developed & Devised: Ramesh Meyyappan & Mark Smith
Directed by Mark Smith (Spike Theatre)
Original Lighting Design: Justin Breman
Lighting Design: Mike Wight
Music: Paul Skinner

"…by now you will have realised that he (Ramesh) speaks, eloquently, with every inch of his being."
The Herald (Glasgow)

"Sublime storytelling, pure and simple Meyyappan out Dickenses Dickens… Cheeky, magical, sickening"
The Flying Inkpot (Singapore)

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This Side Up

This Side Up

THIS SIDE UP creates a world of strong characters, a distinctive style and madcap humour set in a wonderfully visual narrative world. 

Nominated for a Straits Times Life! Theatre Awards 2006 (Singapore) for Best Actor

Devised by: Mark Smith and Ramesh Meyyappan
Director: Mark Smith (Spike Theatre)
Original Sound Design: Paul Skinner
Original Lighting Design: Sarah Kamender 

"Meyyappan plays both man and dog in a remarkably ingenious sequence…Meyyappan is a tremendous performer. Above all, it is very funny, Meyyappan’s humorous expression’s a constant delight."
The Daily Post (UK)

"Ramesh animated it with his exuberance, controlled it with his perfect timing, and made it impossibly funny."
The Flying Inkpot (Singapore)

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The Tell-Tale Heart & The Masque of the Red Death

The Tell-Tale Heart & The Masque of the Red Death

Ramesh makes use of Poe’s narrative style and explicit images as resources for making a piece of purely visual theatre. The adaptations go beyond a literal translation of Poe’s writing to combine an eclectic mix of visual and physical styles in order to present the dark characters and sinister plots. This is storytelling in a purely visual form.

Directed/Adapted/Performed: Ramesh Meyyappan
Lighting Design: Justin Breman

"Meyyappan’s performance accrues an engaging momentum."
City Paper (USA)

"Ramesh’s storytelling actually casts new light on the many facets of the story and its themes."
The Flying Inkpot (Singapore)

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Mistero Buffo

Mistero Buffo

A Visual Adaptation

The drunkard seen throughout this adaptation is the common man who is judged by a self-righteous angel for purely wanting to enjoy life. As in Fo’s play, Christ appears in this adaptation – not as a God like Symbol, but a positive life affirming symbol who cares for and assists the drunk in his times of need. 

Nominated for a Straits Times Life! Theatre Awards (2003) for Best Actor

Directed/Adapted/Performed by: Ramesh Meyyappan
Lighting Design: Justin Breman

"A beautiful and sensitive version of Dario Fo’s Mistero Buffo…"
The Sunday Times (UK)

"…a graceful performance…"
The Baltimore Sun (USA)

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The Art Of War

The Art Of War

THE ART OF WAR presents a comic and dark insight into the male psyche – exploring the extremes males go to in order to 'fit in’ and ultimately the dark consequences of these actions - highlighting male vulnerability when a competitive edge prevails.

Original devised by Wendy Ng, Lars Otterstdet & Ramesh
Re-work by Carl Cockram & Ramesh

“….enrapturing performance as they pouted, raged, cajoled and sulked…”
The Straits Times (Singapore)

“What is truly unique here is the combination of the accessible, laugh-a-minute aspect of mime with hard-hitting themes”
The Flying Inkpot (Singapore)

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Snails & Ketchup

Spiteful exchanges, punishments, pinpricks, SNAILS & KETCHUP is the last straw for this dysfunctional family!

beam ropes

Inspired by Italo Calvino's 'The Baron in the Trees', SNAILS & KETCHUP is the darkly comic tale of a dysfunctional family and follows a son taking to the trees to live an arboreal existence, escaping his brutal home environment for the solace of the forest.

Powerfully told through solo performer Ramesh Meyyappan's masterful storytelling, it uses physical performance, an ingenious aerial set and aerial choreography, animation and a complementary live score to poignantly unfold the lives of a young boy and his sibling, from the traumatic birth of the twins to a typical family dinner... Ramesh's outstanding command of his own physicality and extensive imagination allows him to embody the four members of this quirky family. He reminds us that despite familial love being unconditional, it is sometimes impossible to co-exist with those we hold dear.

the celebrant of a peculiarly theatrical magic: a magic that rejects trickery, relying on imagination and consummate skill to perform miracles in plain view…so much more than a compelling visual performance – it is an exercise in expanding the human imagination and spirit.” The Flying Inkpot Singapore

“Rarely have I witnessed a piece of theatre that stunned me as much as Snails & Ketchup” Three Weeks” (5 stars – Edinburgh Fringe)

Nomination for Total Theatre Awards 2011

Winner – Life! Theatre Awards Best Actor 2011

Production Team

Created and Performed by Ramesh Meyyappan
Co-Devised by Ramesh Meyyappan & Hamish Pirie
Aerial Choreography: Jennifer Paterson & Lucy Deacon
Aerial Rigging / Production Management: Topher Dagg
Lighting Design: Alberto Santos Bellido
Animation: Marta Macková
Music Composition: Tze


SNAILS & KETCHUP has been commissioned for Unlimited, a project celebrating disability, arts, culture and sport on an unprecedented scale as part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad.
 The project is principally funded by the National Lottery through the Olympic Lottery Distributor, and is delivered in partnership between London 2012, Arts Council England, Creative Scotland, Arts Council of Wales, Arts Council of Northern Ireland and the British Council. It is supported by Singapore International Foundation, Creative Scotland, the Esplanade (Singapore) and Made In Scotland.


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