Ramesh Meyyappan

A Glasgow-based Singaporean, Ramesh Meyyappan 
is a theatre creator who develops performances using an eclectic mix of visual and physical theatre styles. Ramesh continually seeks to develop and extend his theatrical visual vocabulary, for example incorporating circus techniques, bouffon and, more recently, puppetry into his work. He enjoys the challenge of creating strong narrative visual work.

Over the years, his solo performances and collaborations have toured nationally and internationally (over 20 countries) to much critical acclaim. He has been nominated four times for Best Actor at the Life! Theatre Awards (Singapore) being awarded the accolade twice, once for GIN & TONIC & PASSING TRAINS and a second time for Snails and Ketchup.

Snails & Ketchup & Skewered Snails were commissioned by the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad project Unlimited. 
Snails & Ketchup was nominated for a Total Theatre Award UK and was also selected as Critics's Picks of The Year Singapore.

Ramesh has more recently been developing and creating work for other companies; he directed a bouffonish adapation of the Pearce Sisters by Mick Jackson. SMOKIES was showcased at Arches LIVE 2011, as part of his artistic residency with joint partners: Solar Bear, National Theatre of Scotland and The Arches (Smokies will be touring Scotland in the Autumn of 2014).  He also developed and organised VISUAL WORKS – a two day event offering European and UK deaf artists the opportunity to work with visual theatre practitioners in Glasgow.  The success of Visual Works has resulted in a new festival in 2015: Visual Works. Curated by Ramesh, it will showcase Scottish and International visual theatre.

Recently Ramesh has been working on various projects: creating The Magical Phoenix Feather (BIBU Theatre Festival Nomination) for Tyst Theatre (Sweden);  Deafinitely Theatre (London) invited Ramesh to direct a new work for their Fourplays new writing festival; his two week residency in Paris with International Visual Theatre saw him lead directing workshops; he choreographed a dance narrative for Indepen-dance, that toured Scotland in Autumn 2013.

Ramesh’s latest production, Butterfly, a striking adaptation of Madame Butterfly that incoporates puppetry, premiered at the Esplanade, Singapore and was seen again in Scotland as part of Manipulate Festival before going to Paris in 2015.  It will be performed at the 2015 Edinburgh Festival Fringe as part of the Made In Scotland Showcase and British Council Showcase at Greenside Venues.  Butterfly was described as; ‘poetic…absolutely breath-taking…physical aspect of theatre, equally magical and beautiful’  The Flying Inkpot, Singapore

He is currently part of the Programme Design Team for BA Degree for Deaf (a new course for September 2015) at Royal Conversatoire of Scotland in Glasgow, Scotland.


Quotes about Ramesh:

'Now and then you encounter an actor that just knocks you out. He makes you gasp in wonder at his craft. He reaffirms what is vital and human about theatre.'
Straits Times.

'If you ever need to convert a non-believer to the religion of theatre, take them to see one of Ramesh Meyyappan's productions. He is the celebrant of a peculiarly theatrical magic: a magic that rejects trickery, relying on imagination and consummate skill to perform miracles in plain view.'
The Flying Inkpot

In essence, Ramesh Meyyappan is a living testament to the inherent magic of the theatre, having truly mastered the precise craft of "showing, not telling". The Flying Inkpot

Ironically, I’m at a loss for words when having to describe Meyyappan...his physical storytelling is a visual treat'

‘Power and Purity in the way Ramesh Meyyappan creates his plays’
Business Times